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St. Paul Development

At St. Paul, we have administration that are dedicated to the enduring enhancement and development of our institution.  Because of your constant support and generous donations, we are able to continue to achieve that goal and for that, we thank you.

Every gift to St. Paul High School contributes to the expansion of our academic programs and enhances our facilities our students and faculty.

St. Paul High School has spent the last 65 years committed to providing an exceptional Catholic education to every student on our campus. It is imperative for St. Paul, as an institution and community, to raise funds for the new generation of students and have as many resources made available to them and help them fulfill their dreams by being a Swordsmen.

Support for the next generation of intelligent and exceptional learners is vital, and we ask that those invested in the Swordsmen community continue to offer their support through their donations.

For more ways on how to help further the mission of St. Paul High School, please contact Director of Marketing Development, Charles Gandara '95 at (562) 698-6246 ext. 716.