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The purpose of the St. Paul High School Chapter 680 of the California Scholastic Federation is to foster high standards of scholarship and citizenship on the part of the students of St. Paul High School. Membership is based on scholarship and citizenship only. The scholarship requirement calls for a student to earn 10 CSF points designated by the organization. A student may only use 5 subjects to qualify for CSF membership. CSF points shall be calculated as follows:

Each student must be responsible for completing an application, submitting a copy of the current semester report card, paying the membership dues, and turning it in on the designated due date assigned by the CSF moderator. No late applications will be accepted. This membership must be renewed on a per semester basis. Membership is granted after the moderator has reviewed the application and semester report card.

To be considered a Life-Time member and to be awarded a gold cord to be worn at graduation, a student must qualify with the required points, pay the fee, and turn in the application on the due date, for at least 4 semesters beginning sophomore year. One of these semesters must either be the first semester senior year.

Moderator: Dr. Christopher Aquino