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Saint Paul High School is proud to offer several instrumental music opportunities. We pride ourselves on providing only the best in music education covering all aspects of performance as well as music theory, rehearsal technique, and individual responsibility and accountability. We all know the importance of having a balanced education. Having the cultural and extracurricular experience of music is not only beneficial to your student’s high school career, but it also instills in them an awareness of music’s important role in the enrichment of the human spirit.

Our award winning Marching Swordsmen Band and Color Guard is a dynamic ensemble consisting of the Band, Drumline, and Color Guard. Performing at all football games, pep rallies, and school functions, the Marching Swordsmen have established themselves as a staple element to the Saint Paul family. Having grown over One Hundred percent over the last year, the Marching Swordsmen are the fastest growing group on campus. 

The award winning Wind Ensemble of Saint Paul is our premier concert ensemble.   The Wind Ensemble also performs at both the Winter Concert as well as the Spring Concert.

Color Guard is a performance ensemble which develops aspects of dance as well as performing with various equipment including flags, rifles, and sabers. It is open to both men and women and meets regularly throughout the school year. The Color Guard performs during the fall in conjunction with the marching band to make the field show a truly vibrant and visually appealing extravaganza. During the spring, the Color Guard develops and performs a show for competitions as well as the Spring Concert.

Band Director: Joshua Williams