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Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Mission Statement:

By the power of the Holy Spirit, guided by the charism of St. Paul, Campus Ministry and the staff pledge to accompany each student on his/her spiritual journey.  We walk towards our mission “to restore all things in Christ” by educating to nurture each student’s faith into a mature, fervent and inspired conviction about the revelation of Jesus Christ, the Gift of the Father.  We seek to open the eyes of all, to the truth of God’s saving grace by building true relationships with the Holy Trinity, the universal Church, our brothers and sisters in the world especially the disenfranchised, and ourselves.  Our mission draws from and returns to Christ in the Eucharist, which nourishes and inspires an authentic Catholic life of faith, hope, and charity.

Campus Ministry Grade Level Goals:

First Year

Goal: Students understand that he/she is a child of God, a member of the Church and the St. Paul High School family.

Second Year

Goal:  Students deepen their knowledge of Christ personally by affirming the dignity of self and others as children of God. 

Third Year


  1. Through a more intimate relationship with Christ in the Eucharist, students come to discover the presence of God in the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of life.
  2. Students reflect on personal sin, reconciliation, and God’s loving mercy.
  3. Students begin to understand the need to work against and make reparation for social sin.

Fourth Year


1.) Students are capable of articulating the Catholic faith through an integrated student outcome (ISO) reflection paper.

2.) Students understand their future roles in society as graduates of a Catholic high school as demonstrated by their Senior Portfolio.

3.) Students are committed to their relationship to Christ and His Church, life-long faith formation, and ongoing conversion.

Campus Minister Mr. Daniel Alvarez