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St. Paul Softball Hall of Fame

St. Paul High School Softball Hall of Fame

  1. Nominees may be former athletes, coaches, teams, members of the athletic staff, or supporters of St. Paul High School softball.
  1. Any athlete who has graduated from St. Paul High School and met the eligibility requirements of her time is eligible for consideration, provided that ten years (10) have passed since her graduation. A team is eligible for nomination five years (5) after the completion of its season.

a) Athlete candidates shall have competed with a high standard of sportsmanship and positive spirit and, with their own efforts and achievements, oriented to the success of their team. A similar standard of ethics shall have characterized the years following their time at St. Paul.

b) Nominated teams should be those which brought honor to St. Paul softball by performing at a high level or exceeding expectations, always demonstrating a distinguished degree of team play and sportsmanship.

  1. Former, or current, coaches who have had outstanding success in the sport of softball, athletic department members who have had a lengthy period of distinguished service to the sport of softball, and particularly dedicated, longtime supporters of the softball program shall be eligible for consideration.

 a) Coaches considered for induction shall have been attentive to the continual athletic improvement and personal development of each team member. The same ethical and life standards expected of his or her athletes shall also characterize the life of the coach.

  1. Exceptional supporters of St. Paul softball, including athletic staff members who are nominated, shall have provided opportunity and encouragement to teams as a whole. As with candidates who were athletes or coaches, their service and dedication shall have advanced the maturation of SPHS athletes and programs.
  1. As a guide to selecting outstanding athletes and teams, the following criteria should be considered to be of great importance. (The list is not presented in order of importance.) 

               a) St. Paul Athlete of the Year

               b) Scholar-Athlete of the Year

               c) All-American selection

               d) CIF State Player of the Year

               e) CIF Southern Section Player of the Year

               f) All-State selection

               g) All-CIF selection

               h) All-League selection

                i) All-Area selection

                j) State Champion

               k) CIF Champion

                l) Record setter or holder

              m) Participation or recognition at the national level

               n) Distinguished post-high school career

               o) Winner of special awards given by teammates or coaches

Nominees not selected will remain eligible for a period of three years.

The Selection Committee will have the flexibility to recognize outstanding individuals whose qualifications are not on the above list.