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Science Department

Science Department


The science department exists to support the Philosophy and Mission Statement of St. Paul High School, which sets itself to the task of reinforcing the faith of its students as a vital aspect of their growth and development. The department is committed to an instructional program, which will effectively serve the academic and vocational needs, ambitions, and learning abilities of our students. We are dedicated to providing courses and classroom activities that empower students to meet the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results.

Department Goals

Goal 1

Inspire our students to actively pursue further education and possible careers in the field of science.

  1. Be positive role models and mentors to our students through modeling proper behavior.
  2. Teach academic and life lesson that will foster a love of learning in our students.
  3. Impart knowledge by creating lessons that are both informative and entertaining through interactive, challenging activities.
  4. Effectively utilize the block schedule.
  5. Improve our teaching methods through collaborative activity sharing using inter-department, cross-curricular, and inter-school communication as well as through workshops and conferences in which each teacher in the department will be expected to attend at least one per year.
  6. Have more interactive, hands on lab activities.
  7. Learn how to get the most out of the technology available to us, such as LCD Projectors, ELMO digital document cameras, and Smart Boards. As well as gain an understanding of future technological possibilities.
  8. Acquire additional lab equipment, including the purchase, training, and implementation of Virtual lab software in conjunction with Smart Boards
  9. Work collaboratively within the department.
  10. Set up at least 3 student field trips for the upcoming year.