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Freshmen Retreat: Fresh  Spirit Day

Purpose: Beginning their high school faith life, freshmen are provided with the opportunity to experience with their new classmates their faith gift as Swordsmen, shown to us by our patron, St. Paul.

 Students will attend a Fresh Spirit Day retreat as a welcome to the St. Paul faith community.  This is an on campus retreat served by the Campus Ministry leaders.

Sophomore Retreat:  Human Dignity    

Students will examine the intrinsic worth of the self and of the human community in hopes of instilling passion for defending the dignity of the human person.  Students continue to discover the dignity of the human person.  Students will continue examining the path of St. Paul’s conversion story based on ACTS 9:17-18; 20-25.  They will examine the difficulty St. Paul had as he became a believer and how he learned to respect the dignity of those he had not understood.  Students will be given greater understanding and appreciation of a group of people that may be misunderstood in our society.


Junior Retreat: Sacrifice of His Love

Juniors will attend the Sacrifice of His Love retreat in order to strengthen their knowledge and love of the Eucharist.  Students will experience a retreat based on the Last Supper and the Passion of Christ.  Students will be led through meditations and activities that enable them to understand the Eucharist by experiencing the concept of ‘sacrifice.’ Students contemplate God’s presence in various aspects of life

Students are given further opportunity to examine the challenges of following the Gospel’s invitation to life and loving witness and service to the people of God.  By exposure to ACTS 9: 26-31, students will get a clearer glimpse of the riches we have been given as Children of God.