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Christian Service Projects

Christian Service Projects

Each year level classes will be challenged to participate in a special Christian Service project over and above their 25 hours as a member of the St. Paul family. This project is one that is meant to help unify the class as well as deepen the conviction of our Christian call to serve God’s poor.

For the freshmen level, students are asked to help contribute to providing hygiene kit articles for the Catholic Worker in Los Angeles. Along with being the major donor for the soup kitchen through March for Hunger, we also know the need of the homeless for soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, combs, brushes, Kleenex packets, etc. The sizes needed are small travel size that can be purchased at Dollar Tree, 99 cents store,  travel sections of  Target, Wal-Mart, etc. Please contact Sr. Beatrice Garcia for more information.

For the sophomore level, students will get to work with the Get On The Bus organization focusing on the Works of Mercy. Get On The Bus reunites children with their mothers and fathers in prison for Mother's Day and Father's Day. We assist in the children’s journey to be with their parents. That might mean hosting a breakfast for the children or making care packages for them to use on the bus. Please contact Ms. Campitiello for more information. 

For the junior level our Junior Religion classes adopt local 2nd grade classrooms, build relationships with the children, and take them on an educational field trip to the Los Angeles Zoo. As part of our Christian Service component, our students will fundraise the cost of admission and the bus. As an act of Christian service, our students will learn how to work for the benefit of others. The second grade students will realize that there are high school students who truly want to show them God’s love. Please contact Mr. Mendoza for more information.

For the senior level the seniors answer the call to serve our less fortunate brothers and sisters in Christ. Each year the senior class will have the opportunity to feed the poor at the L.A. Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen, build homes with Habitat for Humanity, or serve the sick through organizations such as American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. These service projects will allow our seniors to work for the benefit of others, gaining no rewards except for the knowledge that once you serve others, you serve Christ. Please contact Mr. Mendoza for more information.