St. Paul High School

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Annual Fund

I am extremely honored to serve as the Director of Development for St. Paul High School. More than that, I am proud to call myself a St. Paul graduate from the Class of 2005.
St. Paul continues its tradition of excellence with our committed faculty, staff and coaches. With forefront Catholic education and competitive athletics, we strive to provide students with a first-class experience.
St. Paul thrives because of our relationships with our students, alumni, parents of students and graduates, foundations and our community. Our mission as an Advancement Department is to engage and inspire alumni and constituents to become supporters of St. Paul High School by encouraging investment in the institution and education of St. Paul students. Our future depends on cultivating the philosophy that giving back is the blood line to sustaining and furthering the mission of out alma mater. St. Paul High School has made great strides in that direction as the number of alumni donors has risen steadily over the last three years.
We invite you to join us in making a donation to the Swordsmen Annual Fund by returning the enclosed pledge/ gift form with your support for the 2018-2019 academic year. You can also make a donation at
With your support, your gift allows us to:
  • Enhance academic programs, resources and services for students
  • Retain exceptional faculty and staff that will prepare students for college and the rest of their lives
  • Invest in our campus and facilities to provide a beneficial environment for students
  • Provide St. Paul with the ability to give financially and provide a top-tier education to students who need the funding to be a part of the St. Paul family.

Your gift helps us sustain our promise to make a lasting difference in the lives of the young men and women who attend St. Paul. Your dedicated support and trust will continue to shape and empower our students and prepare them for college and the rest of their lives.

I thank you for your continued support, and as always, Go Swordsmen!


Andrew Gonzales '05

Director of Development