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Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance or Financial aid is based on financial need. This must be demonstrated by submitting an application and tax documentation. Please contact Mrs. Pat Duda at or 562-698-6246, ext. 709. Please note that assistance is distributed early in the re-registration process and priority is given to those families who have registered and committed to St. Paul High School. 

The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF)
St. Paul High School partners with CEF.  Qualifying families receive $2,000 in tuition assistance annually.  Families must reapply each year.  
St. Paul High School also partners with Sallie Mae.  More information on qualifying for a Sallie Mae K-12 loan or to apply, please visit:  
The school code is:  609209-00.  
This is available year-round as needed.

A limited amount of tuition assistance is available from the school. A formal application and documentary evidence is required to determine eligibility for school assistance. Families requesting financial assistance must re-apply by the established deadline each year assistance is needed.
Priority is given to those families who have registered and committed to St. Paul High School.
A student from a household with a total income at or below the following levels is eligible to apply for a  Tuition Assistance Award from the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF).   
Household Size                   Annual Gross Income (Mission 1)                   Annual Gross Income (Mission 2) 
         1                                                  $18,673                                                          $23,107  
         2                                                  $25,280                                                          $31,284  
         3                                                  $31,888                                                          $39,461  
         4                                                  $38,496                                                          $47,638  
         5                                                  $45,104                                                          $55,815  
         6                                                  $51,712                                                          $63,992  
         7                                                  $58,320                                                          $72,169  
         8                                                  $64,928                                                          $80,346  
Note: For each additional individual after 8 persons, add: 
Mission 1: $5,083 to $64,928 
Mission 2: $8,177 to $80,346     
CEF defines a household as all individuals living together in the same dwelling who share expenses for rent,  utilities, food, clothing, and other necessities. A one-member household is a student who is his/her sole  support, such as an institutionalized minor or adult. A foster child is only considered a one‐member  household if the welfare/placement agency maintains legal responsibility for the child.