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Academics » 2019 Summer School Information

2019 Summer School Information

Summer Program

St. Paul High School offers a comprehensive summer school curriculum that enables students to take courses for advancement or to complete graduation requirements.


All students must have their counselor’s signature to register.



Begins: July 1, 2019

Ends: August 2, 2019



SCHEDULE (Monday—Friday)

Session I Class   8am—10:30am

Session II Class 11:00am—1:30pm

Session III Class TBA



1st & 2nd Session                             3rd Session


Remediation                                         Camps


Algebra Skills                                       Football Camp

Algebra 1                                             Frosh Football Camp

Algebra 2                                             Baseball Camp

Biology                                                 Frosh Baseball Camp

Chemistry                                            G/B Basketball Camp

English 1,2,3                                        G/B Soccer Camp       

English Skills                                       Cross Country Camp

                                                            G/B Volleyball Camp


Pre-Calculus                                       Pep Squad Camp

Religion 1,2,3                                      Band Camp

Spanish 1,2,3                                      

U.S. History Rev.       

Christian Service Hours



Full Academic Credit                          


Algebra 2 (year)*                                 

Anatomy (year)*

Art 1 (Year)*

Economics *

Computer Programming

Geometry (year) *

Government *

U.S. History (year) *

Health (online)

Virtual Reality




One class $350

Two classes $600

Double Session (year course) $600

Three classes $775


Classes marked with an * are max 40 students

Additional students will be placed on a waiting list.



All Camps $175 (no credit - 3rd Session)





The registration form and a non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at the time of registration and will be credited towards summer school tuition. The remainder of the tuition for summer school is due by July 12, 2019. All summer school tuition must be paid in order to take final exams and receive credit.


Registration May 10, 2019 —June 24, 2019

All registrations after June 14, 2019 will be charged an additional $75.




Students are responsible for supplying their own text book. Books can be found HERE



Students are required to attend 20 days of class in order to receive credit. Family vacations and doctor/dentist appointments are not sufficient reason for absence. Please keep in mind that habitual tardiness will result in the student being counted as absent. Four tardies = 1 absence.


Please contact Mr. Robert Miller at (562)698-6246 ext. 720 or or Mrs. Debbie Shasha, or ext. 717 for more information.