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St. Paul Bumper Sticker Contest!

At Back to School Night, Mrs. Aceves announced a new contest.  She will spot 2 random cars each month that is displaying a St. Paul bumper sticker.  The student who is identified as the winner will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card.  The parent on the account will receive a $50 tuition credit.
*  Pick up free St. Paul bumper stickers from the front office. 
* Register the license plate number online at:
*  Mrs. Aceves or a designee will randomly spot two cars on the road with a bumper sticker as the monthly winners! 
*  The student (parent) can only be notified if the license plate is registered.  If a car spotted is not registered, a new winner will be selected for that month. 
*  Once a car is registered, it remains registered with that student until the student graduates.  You will not have to re-enroll each year for the contest.
*  There is no limit to the number of cars a student may register.  So get out there and get bumper stickers on your family and friends cars!
*  The more cars registered the greater your chances!  A student may win multiple times.
*  Winners will be announced on the 1st of each month. 
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