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Summer School Registration is Now Open!

Registration for Summer School is take place now in the school office.  Office hours for the Summer will be 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Summer School Registration form see attached.
St Paul High School offers a comprehensive summer school curriculum that enables students to take courses for advancement or to complete graduation requirements.
Dates:    First Day;     June 27, 2016     Ends:    July 29, 2016
 School Holiday:          July 1 and 4th, 2016
Schedules:   Monday - Friday  
Session  One Class:   8:00 am    to   10:30 am
Session  Two Class:   11:00 am   to     1:30 pm
Session  Three Class: TBA
Health Class (Online )  Student need to report to class on the first day of Summer School.  
Latin Class(Remediation) Hours 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.  Students need to report to      class on the first day of Summer School
Coast:   Academic
One Class    $350.00
Two Classes $550.00
Double Session  (year course)  $ 550.00
Three Classed $ 750.00
Athletic/Extra -Curricular:
   ALL Camp Fees are:  $175.00 ( NO CREDIT - 3rd Session)
The registration form and a non-refundable deposit of $ 100.00 is due at the time
of registration and will be credited towards Summer School tuition.  The remainder of the tuition for Summer School is DUE BY JULY 12, 2016  All Summer School tuition must be paid in order to take final exam and receive credit.
Students are responsible for supplying their own text book.
Students are required to attend 20 days of class in order to receive credit.
Family vacations an doctor/dentist appointments are not sufficient reason for
absence.  Please keep in mind that habitual tardiness will result in the student
being counted as absent.  Four (4) tardies = one  (1) absence.
If you have any questions please contact:                                                                  Mrs. Debbie Shasha  562 698-6246 - Ext. #717  E mail 
 or  Robert Miller  562 698-6246  Ext. #720  E mail
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