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St. Paul High School Awarded $5,000 Grant by the NFL Foundation


St. Paul High School is proud to be awarded the NFL Player Matching Grant by the NFL Foundation for having former NFL player Lucious Smith as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for St. Paul Football and Volleyball. The NFL Player Matching Grant recognizes and supports the charitable work of current and former NFL players’ with non-profit organizations. The grant provides current and former NFL players with the opportunity to help youth and high school football teams secure the proper equipment and resources they need to play the game safely, learn from the positive values that football has to offer and help ensure positive youth development.

Lucious Smith spent six years in the NFL from 1980-1985 and played cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills and the San Diego Chargers and recorded four interceptions and one touchdown. Smith played collegiately at Cal State University, Fullerton and San Diego State.

“We are honored to be awarded the NFL Player Club Matching Grant to help enhance facilities and equipment for our football program.” Said Principal, Kate Aceves. “Lucious has played a crucial part in the growth and development of the players and we are so proud and fortunate to have someone with his knowledge on staff.”

The NFL Player Matching Grant must be used to make improvements for youth or high school programs through equipment, facilities and/or resources to help improve the safety of that program and the overall well-being of its players. Included in this are new helmets, equipment, character education/ training for football players and coaches, etc.

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