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Welcome to St. Paul High Schools Admissions! St. Paul High School is looking forward to building relations with all prospective families and students as you enter the admissions process. We are confident and optimistic about what our future presents in the 2023-2024 school year. Our goal is to admit and develop well-rounded students; spiritually, academically, and student life which includes clubs, visual performing arts, and athletics that will become leaders that change the world. St. Paul High School is a diverse community that has a passion for Social Justice. Our students discover their passions, grow in faith, and become the best version of themselves that is everlasting. Each student and family will create a legacy during their tenure at St. Paul High School that will impact not only the Swordsmen Community, but every community they are a part of.

The best way to contact us is by emailing You can also contact Mr. Charles Gandara at 562-698-6246 x716.

St. Paul High School’s Marketing and Admissions department place an emphasis on ensuring all interested families have a positive experience through the admissions process.

Continuing the Tradition

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