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Financial Assistance

Providing a Catholic education for all who are seeking it is part of the mission of St. Paul High School.  Assisting families with affording the cost of a Catholic education is vital in that plan.  We realize that tuition and fees are an investment in our youth and the future.  Paying tuition requires sacrifice and the goal of providing assistance to our families is to help minimize that. Returning families are required to submit new paperwork for the new year.  Renewal of assistance is not guaranteed but the completed paperwork will assist in providing assistance again.

2024-2025 Tuition Assistance Program

Tuition assistance at St. Paul High School is need based.  There are two assistance programs offered at St. Paul High School.

  1.       Catholic Education Foundation.  Because of the generosity of this organization, eligible families can receive grants.  There are established income levels that families must fall within.  

Download the CEF form, complete the entire document and gather 2022 or 2023 tax returns or other required supporting documents.  Notary is only required of those families who are not required to file income tax returns.  All other families must submit tax documentation.

  1.       St Paul High School. Families who do not meet the income requirements set for CEF are able to apply for assistance provided by our generous donors.  The income caps are included on the St. Paul High School Assistance Packet cover sheet.  Families who exceed the qualifications but feel they have extenuating circumstances are invited to apply but must realize that assistance to those families with the demonstrated need are the priority.  A detailed explanation of the need must be included along with the income tax forms.  Submitting an incomplete packet or not submitting tax documentation with the student(s) listed on the forms will not be processed.

           Copies the CEF form and the supporting required tax forms must also be submitted

           to St. Paul High School along with the St. Paul packet. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how do I apply?

  1.       You pick up your application pack at a participating Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
  2.       You make an appointment with CEF at school to which you are seeking admission by going to:
  3.       You complete your form and meet with the CEF representative at the Catholic school you child is hoping to attend.
  4.       You submit the 2023 tax returns and W-2 form(s) at the meeting.

When can I apply? (Can I apply at any time? Do you have emergency tuition assistance?) 

  1.       You must apply during one of the three tuition cycles
  2.       CEF does not accept applications outside of the three tuition cycles

What are the three tuition cycles?

  1.       Cycle 1 is for 8th grade students applying for high school tuition assistance  (Early Fall)
  2.       Cycle 2 is for students currently attending high school  (Winter)
  3.       Cycle 3 is for elementary students  (Early Spring)

What are other forms of proof of income may I use to submit along with my child's tuition award application?

  1.       Formal letter of disbursement for Unemployment, Disability and/or Social Security
  2.       Formal letter of disbursement for AFDC, Food Stamps and/or WIC
  3.       Court order of alimony and/or child support

How many applications may I submit?

  1.       If you have more than one child attending a Catholic school, you may submit and application for each child for grades preK through 12th

How do I know if my child received a tuition award?

  1.       CEF will notify your school of the status of your application
  2.       CEF will mail out awarded and waitlisted letters to the parents/guardians

Can I receive an application directly from CEF? 

  1.       Applications for tuition awards are only available through participating Catholic schools. Please visit your school and pick up a tuition award application packet.

 Can I mail my applications directly to CEF?

  1.       All applications and proof of income are reviewed and a formal written recommendation made by the principal or pastor before submitting to CEF.

How does CEF receive my applications?

  1.       After all the applications are reviewed by the principal or pastor and a formal recommendation is attached to each application, the school then mails all the applications at one time to the CEF office

The following proof of income is accepted by CEF:

The 2023 Federal Tax Return (1040)

If you received child support and/or alimony, you must provide legal proof of distribution

If you are unemployed or on disability, you must provide a formal letter stating your benefit distribution for 2022.If you work for cash, you must provide proof with a formal letter from your employer and/or a sworn Statement signed and sealed by a Public Notary verifying your income.