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Counseling and Guidance



The Guidance Department of St. Paul High School supports the Mission of the school by assisting students in recognizing their unique intrinsic value, given to them by God. We aim to guide students in self-awareness of their goals, interests, and abilities, and assist them in their growth in three domains: Academic Development, Personal and Social Development, and Career Development.

Academic Domain

Developed by:

  • Informing students of course requirements, graduation requirements, and college requirements.
  • Encouraging students to establish challenging, attainable educational goals for themselves.
  • Identifying barriers to student achievement, and working collaboratively with parents, students, and teachers.
  • Developing a Four-Year Academic Plan for each student, to attain educational success.
  • Demonstrating to students the relationship between educational performance and career opportunities.
  • Encouraging students to become invested in their own educational success.
  • Providing information on characteristics of a variety of colleges, college majors, and financial aid, and scholarships.

Personal and Social Development Domain

Developed by:

  • Supporting students as they grow in autonomy and wholeness.
  • Encouraging students to develop positive attitudes toward self, family, school, and the larger community.
  • Offering students a variety of problem-solving approaches to use throughout life.
  • Encouraging spiritual growth and the development of a strong relationship with God as a source of strength during difficulties.
  • Providing education and support services to parents.
  • Assisting students’ transition between elementary school and high school, and between high school and college.
  • Facilitating referrals to community support services.
  • Consulting with teachers to strategize for individual student success.
  • Strengthening students’ communication and interpersonal skills.

Career Development Domain

Developed by:

  • Assisting students in exploring interests and abilities.
  • Utilizing community resources in helping students to explore a variety of careers, and establish career goals.
  • Motivating students to understand the relationship between academic achievement and career success.
  • Assist students in selection post-secondary education which supports their career goals.
  • Encouraging students’ active participation in service to school, church, and community.
  • Supporting student leadership in clubs and organizations.

The objectives of the St. Paul High School Guidance Office are realized in the G.A.I.N. program for parents and students. 

The Counseling Partners of Los Angeles

The mission of Counseling Partners of Los Angeles is to serve at-risk and under-served students living in Los Angeles by providing a no-cost, school-based program that delivers essential counseling and support services students need in order to grow toward their full potential emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially. CPLA Counselors provide one-on-one mental health counseling to support students experiencing difficulties at 50 Los Angeles Catholic Schools. In its 8 years of service, CPLA counselors have provided almost 100,000 counseling sessions to over 10,000 students.

Students are seen in one of 3 ways: a request from teachers and faculty, parents and students themselves can also request services. 

CPLA will provide a digital referral form if you would like to complete & turn in a request for services. Any faculty or counselor can email you the form or it may be provided on your school’s website. A verbal request for services is also welcomed and sufficient. You may reach out to any faculty/staff at the school and verbally request services for your child and they can let a CPLA counselor know. 

Once the counselor receives a request for a student to be seen, the counselor will call the student’s parent or legal guardian to let you know.

In order for students to be seen on a regular basis, a parent/legal guardian needs to sign a consent form. CPLA is offers paper forms for you to complete and turn in as well as a digital consent form which can be sent to your email by a school faculty member or a CPLA counselor.

Signing the consent form is NOT a request for counseling. We encourage all students to turn in a signed consent by a parent/legal guardian
so that we have it on file should your child need a counselor’s support at any time throughout the school year.

Counseling Partners of Los Angeles Consent Forms