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Fast Facts


History: In 1956, one hundred freshmen from surrounding parishes attended Santa Fe Catholic High School located in classrooms at St. Marianne’s in nearby Pico Rivera. The next year, the name was changed to St. Paul to avoid confusion with the public school named Santa Fe. In January 1958, St. Paul High School moved to its present location with a student body of 325 freshmen and sophomores. Additional construction provided the shower-locker room, the gymnasium, the 500 building and Monsignor Cranham Stadium. For almost 60 years, St. Paul High School has been a name associated with Academic Achievement and Athletic Success, as well as spiritually building and nurturing the lives and minds of thousands of young Christians.

Academics: St. Paul is a four-year, co-educational high school owned and operated by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Our graduates have attended some of the most prestigious colleges and universities all over the United States, including The United States Naval Academy, Cornell, Penn State, Wake Forest, Notre Dame and UCLA.

Christian Service: St. Paul High School seeks to encourage participation in Christian Service as an integral part of the student’s life. Each student is given an opportunity to live out Christ’s Gospel admonition to love one another as they themselves would like to be loved.

Athletics: St. Paul High School is the home of the Swordsmen and has a rich tradition of athletic excellence with multiple State and CIF Championships.

Activities: St. Paul offers a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities. From the Campus Ministry Team, our Associated Student Body, as well as several service and activity or academically oriented clubs, extending out to our award winning Bands, Drama and Choirs, there truly is something for everyone. The Fine and Performing Arts Department puts on a fall play, spring musical and various other  concerts and performances.