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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee's purpose is to promote and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within St. Paul High School. The DEI committee creates a school environment where all students, staff, and families feel valued, respected, and supported, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, or any other aspect of their identity.

The DEI school committee focuses on:

  1. Providing a forum for open and honest discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the school community.

  2. Developing and implementing policies, practices, and procedures that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and that address any inequities or disparities that exist within the school.

  3. Advocating for the needs and concerns of diverse students, families, and staff, and promoting a culture of respect, inclusion, and understanding.

  4. Providing training, resources, and support to school staff, students, and families to foster a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

  5. Monitoring progress and evaluating the effectiveness of DEI efforts within the school, and making recommendations for future improvements.

DEI Committee Chair: Mr. Christopher Aquino

DEI Committee Members

Daniel Alvarez

Chantal Banuelos-Atienza

Anna Dickan

Greg Dixon

Jasmine Enriquez

Alexis Enrriquez

Nicolas Howayeck

Ashley Lynch

Marcela Manzo

Christina Martinez

Christian Miller

Jared Soliman

Patrick Tingleff