St. Paul High School

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Tuition Information

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  • All monthly tuition payments must be made through FACTS unless paid in full or two annual installments.
  • All tuition accounts must be paid in full by the 25th of each month. If there is an outstanding balance by the 25th, the student will not be allowed to attend classes or participate in extra-curricular activities until the account is made current.
  • No semester exams can be taken if accounts are not current.
  • No final grades or report cards are given to students if accounts are delinquent.
  • No senior may attend any graduation event or receive a diploma if accounts are not current.
  • No student or family member applying for entrance into the school will be allowed to register or re-register.

No student will be allowed to attend social events (e.g. Prom, Grad Night, etc.). 

Parents who can afford to pay the entire tuition in advance are expected to do so. Payment in advance by semester is a second preference. Parents who are unable to fulfill either of these options are given the privilege of paying in eleven (11) equal installments, through FACTS only, according to the following schedule:

Installment 1 July 1

The first installment of tuition must be paid before the student picks up his/her class schedule. Tuition is due on the 1st of every month (it will be taken out of the FACTs account on either the 5th or the 20th). A $25 late charge will be added to all accounts that move to a second month in arrears and will continue each month the account is in arrears. This is in addition to any charges that may be incurred for non-sufficient funds to the FACTs account.

A statement of the account will be mailed to each family each month. Any discrepancies in the account should be brought to the immediate attention of the Main Office at Ext. 702. Please do not wait until the last minute before semester finals to attempt adjustments to the account.

Installment 2 August 1
Installment 3 September 1
Installment 4 October 1
Installment 5 November 1
Installment 6 December 1 
Installment 7 January 1
Installment 8 February 1
Installment 9 March 1 
Installment 10 April 1 
Final Installment 11 May 1

Seniors must have all tuition and fees paid by May 1st.

Note to parents of seniors: Personal checks will not be accepted after April 1st. Personal checks will not be accepted if the parent has made a payment with a check on an account that has insufficient funds.

Each extra-curricular program is responsible for raising funds to help offset the costs associated with the activity. There are costs associated with every event.

All fees for each extra-curricular event must be paid before the first competition or by the date established by the administration. Students will not be allowed to start a season of sport or a new activity with outstanding fees from a previous sport or activity.