St. Paul High School has partnered with Tutor Zone for SAT preparation classes.  Classes are $125 per student and are conducted here on the SPHS campus.  Please see flyer dates and details.  There will be an information session on Jan. 13 and 27 at 7:30 in the school Library.
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Take a look at our newly revised Mission Statement, Philosophy, and Integral Student Outcomes to see who we are!

Daily Announcements 1/23/15
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Daily Announcements 1/22/15
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Our Mission Statement

St. Paul High School is a Catholic, coeducational high school rooted in the values of the Gospel and Church Tradition. We promote and nurture students’ talents, moral development, spiritual growth, and self-discipline. As a family, we challenge students to grow in their knowledge and love of God, to strive for academic, artistic, and athletic excellence, and to work toward building a more just society.

About SPHS

Our Philosophy

St. Paul High School provides a challenging, coeducational, college-preparatory education in the Catholic tradition. In keeping with this tradition, the precepts of the Gospel and the teachings of the Church guide curriculum, programs, and activities. Students are challenged to pursue academic success by utilizing their talents and abilities. Realizing that society is ever-changing, we are committed to developing the character and skills which will help students actively participate in today’s world. As Jesus encouraged the disciples to be one in Spirit, we strive to build community. The “St. Paul Family” values mutual concern for one another in a spirit of collaboration and an awareness of our obligation to be responsible citizens. As Christians, we are conscious of our mission to work toward social justice, academic excellence, spiritual growth, athletic success, and artistic development. We encourage our students to demonstrate integrity and honesty in their daily lives, to be considerate of individual rights and properties, and to have respect for all. Acknowledging that parents are the primary educators of their children, we collaborate in building a stronger sense of community and support one another in the nurturing of the spiritual and academic growth of our students.

Integral Student Outcomes


St. Paul graduates are people of:


1. nurture their relationship with God, value prayer and participate in the Sacramental life of the Church.

2. develop an informed conscience on moral issues and display a Christian approach in thought, word, and action.

3. understand Catholic Christianity through the study of and reflection on Catholic doctrine, Tradition, and Scripture.

4. demonstrate respect for life and a healthy integration of mind, body and spirit.


5. demonstrate logical, critical and imaginative thinking through effective, articulate communication.

6. demonstrate achievement of academic curricular requirements in order to pursue and succeed in post-secondary education.

7. pursue life-long learning in order to fulfill their vocation.

8. demonstrate a work ethic of perseverance and self-discipline.

9. utilize technology to access, interpret, evaluate, and present information.


10. exhibit knowledge and appreciation of various cultures with the ability to live in a global society.

11. make positive choices reflecting an understanding of their social and personal responsibilities.

12. understand, value, and work towards social justice by contributing their time, energies, and talents in order to improve the quality of all life.

13. contribute to the continued growth and development of our school community.